Daydream Nation

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To dream. Not just about the future but to have to space to dream about the everyday. That was the brief which led to a unique idea. Take a highly functional floorplan and put right through the middle of it, a central courtyard, to be potentially used as a market garden.

A garden that can be visible from the main living areas like the kitchen, dining family or activity room. Imagine preparing your meal, taking ingredients from your garden just steps away. Kids playing in the central courtyard having contact with nature being central to their lives and your house.

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Daydream Nation

When you dare to dream, the possibilities are endless. Some may use the space for vegetables or low light plants, some may go for a desert motif with cacti and sand. Whatever your dream, this different floorplan has been used in many parts of the world for centuries and we think we will start seeing much more of this here at home.

Take a closer look at Daydream Nation and start building the inner sanctuary of your dreams.

Design Suggestions:

  • You could swap Bedroom 2 with the laundry for a more linear link to the garage and can also provide some added bench space.
  • Keep elevation colours simple and neutral but make a splash with a bright, colourful entry door.
  • Consider changing the Master bedroom window to a louvred one for added character and improved ventilation and airflow.
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