Rooftop terrace entertainment

For too long it seems the rooftop terrace has been a home feature reserved only for those with the funds for a private architect. Residential Attitudes is focused on breaking the project builder mould by offering these unique features with several floorplans.

Make the most of your blocks views by creating a space on the roof of your new home to relax and entertain. With lingering warm weather and beautiful winter sun, Perth offers a great climate for a rooftop terrace.

Just think outdoor sun lounges, alfresco dining, a spa and fresh greenery adding to the overall illusion of escape from the busy modern day lifestyle we have become all to familiar with.

Herb gardens are becoming a popular hobby for many families, and what better way to ensure maxiumum sunlight than the roof of your new home.

Check out the Villa Terrazza for a floorplan with a beautiful terrace option.