Modern Exterior Design Ideas for Two-Storey Homes

Two-storey modern house designs are unique in their utilisation of vertical space and ability to visually distinguish between the first and second layers of the home to generate design and architectural interest. From art-deco through to mid-century modern and functionalism, architects have explored the possibilities of modern two-storey house designs and embraced their unique features to create distinct, modern exterior design styles and aesthetics.

What are these unique features? To help you discover your dream home we want to take you through some of the unique exterior design ideas available to you with two-storey modern house designs. From the use of materials and colour, to your options for roofing and outdoor lighting, in this article, you’ll discover the full versatility of modern two-storey design and how choosing a two-storey home can help you create a home as unique as you.

Exterior Materials and Colours for Modern Two-Storeys

When it comes to your home – first impressions matter. You’ll want the front of your home, your house façade, to feel as unique as you. Thankfully, with two-storey house designs, your options are endless. Can’t commit to a colour palette or choice of material for your façade? With modern two-storey house designs, you don’t have to.

Traditional single-storey houses often limit the expanse of colours and materials that appear in the house façade to avoid overcrowding or clashing. On the other hand, modern two-storey house designs embrace these differences. Thanks to the house’s height and use of levels, two-storey homes can integrate a mixture of unique elements without overwhelming the viewer but instead visually helping by distinguishing the different sections of the home.

Just look at some of our modern house designs below to see how we’ve combined contrasting and complementary design elements to add design interest.

A modern two-story house design by Perth building company Residential Attitudes showing a brown and white home with overhanging white second story.
The Topdeck keeps things interesting with an overhanging top floor and a combination of dark chocolate brown and light industrial grey. Inspired by Nordic-style architecture, this design proves you don’t have to pick between exposed brick or a smooth finish.
A modern two-story house design by Perth building company Residential Attitudes showing a white home with brown accents and a garage.
Our Langhus design shows you can truly have it all. Combining a rough textured material on the first story with a smooth, polished finish on the second story, its contrast strikes a perfect balance.

Modern Window Design for Two-Story Homes

Looking for larger-than-life windows?

Modern two-storey house designs allow you to have gorgeous, tall windows without the commitment to grand high ceilings in every room. By expanding across the first and second floors, windows can reach almost the full height of the house, allowing plenty of natural light. This option also gives your home design that distinctly modern touch.

A white and modern two-story house design by Perth building company Residential Attitudes with large floor-to-ceiling windows.
The Coolbinia utilises the possibility of a tall-ceiling area as the central focus for a two-storey home. This design features a front-and-centre full-length window that floods the home with natural light.
A grey and white modern two-story house design by Perth building company Residential Attitudes with a thin window running from top to bottom on the right.
The China White combines industrial style with contemporary living with an abundance of natural light, this beautiful modern house design features an expansive window on the right side, taking up the full vertical space.

Choosing Your Roof (Or Two, Or Three)

When you picture your dream home, what roof does it have? Perhaps you have your eyes set strictly on a flat roof, or maybe you see some charm in the traditional gable or a skillion roof?

With a two-storey home, you don’t have to choose. Multiple layers to your home means multiple roof options, combinations, and arrangements. The customisation for your rooftops is endless with the ability to divide your home into multiple functional sections each with its own distinct set of architectural features. When done correctly, mixing roof designs results in a seamless, sleek result.

A white and dark grey modern two-story house design by Perth building company Residential Attitudes featuring a pyramid, skillion and flat roof.
The Citrus Sunset makes the most of the two-storey space with three distinct areas. From left to right, we see a combination of the pyramid, skillion, and flat roof styles, all tied together seamlessly through colour and design.

Lighting Design in Two Storeys

With modern two-storey house designs your possibilities for lighting are expanded. Two-storey houses are unique in that the external lighting used on the first and second floors can work to complement one another in a unique harmony that elevates the look and feel of the entire home.

When considering lighting for a two-storey home, consider how they can balance each other. Do you want your lighting to complete one another by focusing lights on the left side of the first floor and the right side of the second? Or do you want to make a bold statement and implement a feature wall lighting the left side of the house, running from top to bottom?

With two storeys, your options for lighting are endless.

A white and light grey modern two-story house design by Perth building company Residential Attitudes featuring hanging lights over the patio.
The Starlight Serenity makes the most of the second-story balcony by using it to create hanging string lights that perfectly light the patio below.

Home Designs as Unique as You

Modern house designs allow for endless customisation, with two-storey homes increasing your options even further. Adding an extra storey to your home opens new avenues of opportunities for modern exterior design ideas, allowing you to customise your dream home until it’s unique as you. More than design, a two-storey home can uniquely fit your lifestyle by dividing the upstairs and downstairs portions into separate areas for privacy and peace. Providing a home that not only fits your style and personality aesthetically but complements your needs, wants and lifestyle.

Looking to learn more about our two-storey house plans? Our team are dedicated to creating modern house designs that are perfectly suited to your unique attitude, get in touch to find out more.