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We focus on quality of space, so prepare to see great rooms, conversational pits, rooftop terraces, and central kitchens.

Expect Different.

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Live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. What would you use your central courtyard for?

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Expect the unexpected.

These are not your run-of-the-mill designs – they’re designed for people who want something different.

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It’s time to step into a brave new world of project home building where floorplans are fearless, quirky, open, and built for living, not existing.

We deliver an attitude that’s authentic, transparent, and quirky as we believe building a home should be fun!

Welcome to a new Residential Attitude.

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  • The Villa Terrazza

    The Terrazza has been designed to encourage you to seek solace from the harsh world, by focusing on the comfort of the family home. With the main living and kitchen areas located at the back of the property, we want you to feel respite from the stresses of life.

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  • The Yuma

    Open the door and have an unencumbered view through the whole house.  The beautiful breeze blocks along the back wall send dappled light into the rectangular courtyard, an area you can fill as you wish, creating your own personal retreat. The kitchen area lies adjacent to the lanai and alfresco areas, a perfect arrangement for keen entertainers.

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  • The Langhus

    This extraordinary property has a frontage of just 9m making it the perfect choice for a narrow block. Don’t let its skinny build deceive you – this designer home is packed with thrilling features.

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