A New Angle of Gardening

Vertical gardens, green walls, living walls, however you want to name them.. they are as good as it gets!Attached to an existing or free-standing wall they feature luscious plants growing vertically using hydroponics.

The trend of the vertical garden has just taken off and we are sure it is here to stay. They are a clever and efficient way of adding greenery to your home if you have limited space, particularly great for those living close to the city. Vertical vegetable gardens are also becoming a fresh and popular choice as they don’t take up any space and look wonderful as wall foliage in homes.

What else do we love?

There’s plenty to love about vertical gardens…

  • They’re works of art that are aesthetically beautiful to look at
  • The calming ambiance they create
  • They are sound absorbent
  • Great design feature if you’ve got a small space to work with
  • Provide fresh and good air circulation for your home

Overall, the vertical garden can draw attention and create interest to a particular area, or it can conceal undesirable sights you wish to hide in your home.

vertical garden