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Affordable Two-Storey Homes in Perth

Building a two-storey home is the ultimate dream for many Perth families. Given the mostly flat landscape, a second storey provides a stunning view in plenty of suburbs, from Cottesloe to Fremantle and beyond. With more space for the kids to have their own bedrooms, as well as luxurious master suites and open plan living, two-storey homes offer the ideal family layout. However, they also come with a hefty price tag. Or do they?

At Residential Attitudes, we believe that style and quality shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we specialise in offering a range of affordable double-storey homes in Perth that cater to every attitude and lifestyle.

We know that no two families are the same, so whether you’re looking for an upside-down design or an apartment-style home, our two storey house designs have you covered.

Read on to explore some clever design and material choices that make it possible to build a stylish and affordable two-storey home in Perth.

From cost-effective building processes to savvy design tips, we’ll show you how to achieve your dream home without blowing your budget.

Our Cost-Effective Building Process

Building a double-storey home doesn’t have to break the bank.

At Residential Attitudes, we’re all about shaking things up and revolutionising the home-building process to make it more cost-effective, without compromising on quality. That’s why we’ve embraced a cutting-edge lightweight upper-floor construction method that saves both time and money.

How do we do it?


Residential Attitudes offer a wide variety of construction techniques. Light weight, EPS construction can save time and money, whilst our double brick and concrete construction offers additional durability and longevity.

By incorporating this technique into our process, we’re able to fast-track your project and have your dream home built in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. And the best part? Our approach is affordable, so you can get your dream home within your budget.

In Perth’s current market, building a double-storey home has become a necessity for families, rather than a luxury. We recognise this. So, we offer a range of two-storey homes in Perth that are not only affordable, but also high-quality and environmentally friendly.

Affordable Two-Storey Home Designs in Perth From $360,000*

Whether you want to go full-custom or choose something inspired by one of our existing designs, our in-house design team is here to help you until you arrive at the perfect home for you. We offer a range of affordable double-storey homes with unique styles that will make your head spin (in the best way possible).

Once you have purchased your block of land in your dream location, it’s time to discover the ideal two-storey home design to complement it. Whether you want to maximise views of the city, beach or bushland or want a funky upside-down design – we have the perfect fit for you in our range.

With years of experience in the field, we know what we are doing. We like to think outside of the 4 x 2 box, because our clients don’t want to build a boring home. And neither do we.

Explore our range of affordable two-storey homes in Perth. Here is a sample of our most popular designs starting from under $500k*.

We also invite you to browse through our full collection of double storey home plans. If you have any questions, our award-winning design team is just a call or contact form away, ready to guide you through the process.

Let’s get you started on your building journey today.

Our Top Designs Tips for Low-Cost Two Storey House Design

While single-storey homes are still usually cheaper, two-storey homes in Perth are more sought after and can elevate your lifestyle. Here are some low-cost two storey house design ideas that will help you achieve your dream home without breaking the bank.

1. Build Up, Not Out

One of the best ways to reduce your build costs is to buy a narrow lot and build up instead of out. Though the block will be skinnier, you still get all the floorspace you need across two levels. Focus on a minimalist, contemporary façade to enhance the vertical dimensions. Box-shaped exteriors with clean lines are perfect for narrow two-storey homes. Opting for a narrow lot can reduce land purchase costs substantially, leaving you more room in your budget for the build itself.

With additional floor space gained by building upwards, you effectively maximise land value.

Be sure to factor in the block orientation to optimise natural light as part of your land selection criteria too.

2. Choose Smart Exterior Materials

Opting for a monochrome, streamlined exterior allows you to save on façade materials. For a contemporary edge, try bold battens over the render in black or charcoal grey. The dark battens create definition and visual interest on plain rendered walls, adding style while retaining cost-effectiveness by minimising more expensive finishes.

Efficient and affordable double-storey home, Check Mate, designed by Residential Attitudes
The Check Mate is one of our most efficient and affordable double-storey homes, where every square inch is a strategic move in the game of cosy living.

3. Efficient Floor Plan Design

Careful floor plan design is crucial for any home, but even more so when building on a budget. Focus on straight walls, stack wet areas over each other, and minimise hallways. This allows you to reduce costs by avoiding angled walls or plumbing pipework that has to zigzag.

As a rule of thumb, ensure the perimeter of the house is also as regular as possible. Excessive indents and direction changes extend the perimeter and substantially increase the build cost. Too many edges mean more walls, so use basic shapes that maximise internal space like squares and rectangles.

Abnormal angles and curves can add visual appeal, but they’re likely to inflate construction costs.

Furthermore, consider open floor plans which provide a smoother connection between dining and living areas. These can create an illusion of more space while enhancing the total floor space and reducing the total cost.

Cleverly designed, efficient spaces reduce waste, keep construction simple, and ensure affordability.

4. Minimalist Interior Design

Embrace minimalism inside your new two-storey home. White walls, concrete floors, and a neutral colour palette create a sleek, modern feel without breaking the bank.

Large statement floor-to-ceiling windows provide ample natural light and a feeling of space, while black accents and pops of colour in furnishings keep things interesting without raising costs.

Avoid expensive wallpapers, ornate trims, or intricate tiling patterns. You can elevate the overall style quotient by carefully choosing a few statement features, like a striking light fixture over the dining table, feature benchtops in the kitchen, or timber floors in bathrooms.

5. Make Your Luxury Inclusions Count

Get clever with scaling back luxury finishes in areas that don’t impact daily family life too much.

For example, you may decide to use carpet in bedrooms rather than more premium floorboards, limit stone benchtops to just the kitchen, or install more affordable taps and basins. If a room is unnecessarily big and you can’t foresee using it all, scale it back to save costs. However, only make this decision if you’re certain you have no need for the space down the track, as fixing structural mistakes can be costly.

6. Multi-Purpose Rooms

Consider multi-purpose rooms that pull double or triple duty to provide functionality without blowing out the floor plan. For instance, a games room could also serve as a home theatre and a kids’ study area. Similarly, a guest room may also work well as a home office. This allows you to design with purpose and avoid wasted space.

By incorporating these smart design tips, you can create a stylish and affordable two-storey home that perfectly suits your family’s needs and lifestyle.

What Will I Get When Building With Residential Attitudes?

At Residential Attitudes, we don’t believe affordability should compromise style and quality. That’s why we specialise in offering a range of affordable two-storey homes in Perth for every attitude and lifestyle.

With years of experience in the Perth home building industry and specialising in designing two-storey homes, the team at Residential Attitudes know exactly what they are doing and can provide you with architectural designs that break the mould – while keeping things affordable!

By choosing to build with Residential Attitudes, you can tick all the boxes.

  • Design flexibility
  • Wide range of house and land packages
  • High-quality specifications included in the price
  • Great looking elevation
  • Value for money
  • High-quality and strong construction
  • Energy efficient

Check out our range of double storey home plans in Perth or get in touch to find out more.