Our Michal may joke that he “gets paid to draw pretty pictures all day”, but as a senior designer, he takes his residential design responsibilities very seriously. With a degree in architecture and more than 20 years’ experience under his belt, the self-confessed “modernist” loves working with styles old and new.

Born and bred in Perth, to post-war Poland immigrant parents Michal, enjoyed a middle-class upbringing in the Woodlands area.

“There was always something creative being brought home for the holidays, from canvas and paints, to jewellery-making equipment, a photographic lab and a potter’s wheel,” Michal says.

Creative flare

Today, the creativity continues with a new generation of Kurtis kids sharing their parents’ passion for creative pursuits such as photography and art.

“While both my daughters are both much more creative than I could ever be, I can honestly say everything interests me,” Michal says. “I’m genuinely curious and thirsty for knowledge. I still like to draw and paint, either with old-school brush and paper, pen and ink, or electronically on the computer.”


Michal refers to himself as a ‘progressive non-conformist’. Whom likes to ponder and somewhat challenge the traditional norms and expectations of society. “I value independence from the masses, uniqueness, creativity, freedom of expression and nonconformity.”

He prides himself on the knowledge of current social issues, creativity, an appreciation of art, music and food.