Virtual Reality at Residential Attitudes

Virtual Reality has arrived at the Residential Attitudes ‘Studio’. The Residential Attitudes brand and designs are quite unique, we are constantly innovating and trying new and exciting concepts. We are excited to announce the introduction of virtual reality. Virtual reality technology enables clients to experience a number of our most […]

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On the Couch: Why do we love RA

People often assume that to have the best home they need to spend lots in order to get it. You don’t need to have the ‘best’ of everything; in fact, some of our top homes are actually really quite simple. We love Residential Attitudes because you don’t have to spend […]

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A new angle of gardening

Vertical gardens, green walls, living walls, however you want to name them.. they are as good as it gets!

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Sunken living spaces

There’s a lot we love about sunken living spaces! Simply lowering a room in your home turns it into an awesome space for family and friends to socialise.

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