Modern home designs in Perth by RA

5 Things That Make a Residential Attitudes Home Different

We are the builder for people who don’t just want something different, they expect it. Forget predictable, standard-issue floor plans. We’re shaking things up with bold, thought-provoking, unique home designs in Perth that put the focus on lifestyle, good times and living with purpose. From rooftop terraces to sunken conversation pits, these are homes to live in, play in, relax in and enjoy.


Are you sick of the stock standard four-bedroom two-bathroom cookie cutter homes? Theatre rooms that you will never use? Or that additional fourth bedroom that you will never step foot in?

It’s time to say goodbye to wasted space and place greater emphasis on those rooms that you need rather than what you think future buyers will want. If you need three bedrooms why not build three large bedrooms instead of four smaller bedrooms?

Will you use a theatre room? If not why not replace it with a spacious open plan living area with a built in conversation pit? This will create the perfect space in the heart of your home to bring together family and guests.

The general perception of the ‘need’ to build a four-bedroom two-bathroom home for resale value is a myth!


Our modern home designs challenge thinking and challenge the norm. Our floor plans are unpredictable, but sensible and sensitive to a contemporary lifestyle.

The designs of our homes are based on key features opposed to the style of the home. This is where we position ourselves against existing project builders currently in the market place.

Essentially, when building a new home you are creating a lifestyle. Whether you want to take entertaining up a level and incorporate a roof top terrace in your contemporary home design, relax in your own Japanese water garden, create discussions in your own conversation pit or create your very own stylish elevation – the choice is yours.

Our homes are designed as a blank canvas allowing you to furnish your home to suit your personal taste. Whether you create a mid century eclectic abode or a minimalist modern home – the choice is yours.


I’m sure we can all agree that our way of living has significantly evolved over the last few decades. We live busier lifestyles and as a result highly value family time together, spend more time entertaining from home rather than outside of home and we live much more active lifestyles.

This is why we have recognised the need to design a home that doesn’t just inspire visually, but also have social relevance to our way of living.

We have taken a close look at families, how we are evolving as an industry and the need to consolidate our wants from our needs. Throw this in with some flair, some unpredictable design elements, a whole lot of research, understanding global issues and how they relate to lifestyle, and there you find an RA’s home.


Although our elevations look high end and expensive you will be pleased to know they don’t come with a large price tag!

It’s how the various elements are put together. We haven’t tried to do what other builders do, and cut everything to the core all in the name of giving the market a cheap product. We recognise that the market is contracting, however despite global issues that do effect economic times, homeowners are still going to have their wants for a beautiful object. But instead of buying the expensive item that is high end with a label on it, homeowners go for something that is more affordable, but beautifully designed.

We use the analogy of hotels. There are the big 6 start hotels with huge foyers, 4 swimming pools, lavish finishes in bathrooms, and a multitude of other services that make it 6 star and this comes with a price tag. Then you get the boutique hotels that have fewer rooms, no swimming pool, no restaurant (maybe a little foyer bar) but it has been beautifully designed, its quirky, it feels expensive, but it’s a third of the price per night of the 6 star hotel.

Our homes have been put together economically. They use internal spans of rooms that feel lofty because of the human scale proportion, but the engineering in them are economical because of these. For example, our modern home designs in Perth feature big windows, but standard windows with big spans to allow light penetration to add to the drama of these rooms. Without these features, our unique home designs become your standard ‘cookie cutter’ homes.

Our specifications are sensible, they are not high end, but they are not low end either. They are suitable for a contemporary execution of product and they are timeless. It’s about simplicity of spaces, form, logic, colour, history, culture and materials. Timber is never going to fade. White is never going to go out of fashion. Concrete is never going to die. Seemingly flat roofed facades have been around since 1918 with the Corbusier ideology that came about from the revolt of World War I and the need to streamline, to consolidate and it represented progress. Our homes are just that. They represent a current need for change that is kicking back at the global unrest, and the need to bring families and people back together, rather than isolating them in their own homes with way too many rooms.


Why? Because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

We could strip the elevations further and standardise them to save homeowners $10,000 however they will not represent us as a brand or a beautifully designed object. Our homes incorporate the use of materials that are new to the Perth market. The good news is, new does not represent expensive! They are new in that they have been well researched and put together. The homes start to take beautiful, simple and purist shapes, and white is the colour we are known for, because they represent purity, timelessness and modernism and it costs no more to paint a home white than it does to paint it greige! The combination of the palettes used in our homes are a beautiful contrast that work because of this.