Purpose and Science of Architecture

Architecture isn’t about the materials.. it’s about enriching people’s lives and enhancing their lifestyles.

Size and space are very important to people when it comes to building a new home. A lot of people think the bigger a home is the more impressive it is.. but we believe this isn’t the answer to creating happiness within your new home. It’s what your home provides that can enhance the way you live.

To some people, home privacy is the most important element when designing their home. At Residential Attitudes we can make it happen without compromising the need to bring the outside in and give life to your home.

We have a range of home designs that turn their back onto the urban world featuring a central courtyard or terrace as it’s focal point for the home. This can be a social hub for the family with the terrace and every room opening on the house facing towards the back protected by vegetation.

Light, volume and space are primary influences behind our passive solar designed homes. A central courtyard that allows every room to look on to it can bring all these elements.

The interaction between a central courtyard and other spaces can make a home feel like one gigantic area. However, simply closing a door can turn it into your own private sanctuary.

We design each individual room to be a nice little space for each family member. Collectively however, each room has the potential to add a lot of volume to a home.

It’s about creating a home that’s both fun and calming for the whole family.