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Why Residential Attitudes Elevation Home Designs?


Our contemporary home designs in Perth are unique not only because of their internal features such as conversation pits and internal courtyards, but also due to their architect inspired elevations.

Part of our philosophy is Elevation is King. Why? Because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Rather than stripping back the homes’ elevations to standardise them for cost efficiency, we have undertaken extensive research into a range of materials to create a beautifully designed object. The simplification becomes the thing of beauty in the notion of Less Is More.

We push envelopes on design, but we are sensitive and sensible, and they do work well together if done cleverly. The materials used in our home elevations such as raw cement render, timber cladding and recycled bricks are new to the Perth market, but not new in terms of a product or design element. The good news is that new does not represent expensive! They are new in that they have been well researched and put together and executed in domestic construction.

With careful design and use of a range of products the homes start to take beautiful, simple and purist shapes. Our homes are known for the use of white as a colour palette, representing purity, timelessness and modernism, and it costs no more to paint a home white than it does to paint it “greige”!

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