Live with attitude

We’re definitely not vanilla here at Residential Attitudes. We’re thought-provoking, attention-grabbing, curious and Insta-worthy. We’re that perfect single scoop of kaffir lime and coconut.

We believe Living With Attitude means focusing on what you need and enjoy, and forgetting what you don’t. These are the good times when living with purpose matters – be that on a small site, a skinny site, a chunky site or a standard site. You provide it. We’ll design for it.

Step into our purpose-built design studio and take a walk with us into the world of virtual reality.

What else can you expect from your Residential Attitudes journey? Aside from first-class design, you can expect us to be authentic, transparent and upfront. Tell us your budget and we’ll stick to it. You’ll never find us over-complicating things or fudging the issue.

Let’s put the fun back in building a home. It’s not a chore. Let’s celebrate life, our hobbies, our interests and the people we hold close.

No one does what we do the way we do it. It’s not just what you end up with that matters. At Residential Attitudes, we believe how you get there is important too.