Summer flowers for your garden

Summer is finally here and after an unseasonably cold and wet spring WA’s native bees are making the most of the warmer weather. In spring with the help from WA Loves Nature, we planted a wildflower garden under our bee hotel at the Residential Attitudes E-Street home. The bee hotel, modelled on the display home, now has a couple of different bees nesting in there.

Bee hotel - e-street
Bee Hotel – E-Street Home

The left photo shows the seal that is made by a resin bee (Megachile sp.) and the right photo a type of cellophane material that the masked bee (Hylaeus sp.) uses. There is a hole in the masked bees’ nest as all its baby bees have matured and made the hole to exit the nest. Hopefully, the females will come back and use the bee hotel too.

Many spring wildflowers finish flowering once summer hits. If you want to keep attracting nectar feeding birds and bees to your garden it is important to make sure you have some summer flowering natives.

wildflower at e-street

Some great summer flowering natives are

·        Red-flowering gum (Corymbia ficifolia)

·        Fan flower (Scaevola sp)

·        Kangaroo paws (Anigozanthos sp.)

·        Acorn Banksia (Banksia prionotes)

·        Desert flame (Chrysocephalum apiculatum)

With the warmer weather the best time to see wildlife is at dawn or dusk. If you have a birdbath place it somewhere you can see it from your windows or near your patio and you can enjoy watching the birds’ antics as they drink and bathe.

Installing a pond in your garden also helps bring wildlife into your garden. If you want frogs in your garden make sure you don’t have koi or goldfish in the pond, as they eat the tadpoles. Instead, you could get some native pygmy perch from the aquarium shop and they will gobble it up and the mosquito larvae it attracts, while leaving the tadpoles alone.

During summer waterholes shrink and dry up and tadpoles turn into froglets, like this motorbike froglet (Litoria moorei). During these hot months, it is important to make sure any ponds and birdbaths you have in your garden are kept topped up. Otherwise, the wildlife, such as birds, insects and frogs, that have come to depend on it may not survive. If the water supply is dependable, they will always come back for more.

Motorbike frog
Motorbike Frog