The Kids Are Alright

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When the kids are alright, the adults are too! A harmonious house design means a harmonious family that can live (and shower!) in their own zones but also come together in others. In this design, the upstairs is purely for the kids ensuring they have their own bathroom, living space and bedrooms and the adults have their own sanity downstairs.

A big advantage of a two storey design is creating separation but also giving you flexibility in configuring separate living and sleeping spaces. By creating separation, you can add years to the suitability and usage of your home as the kids grow.

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The Kids Are Alright

The Kids are Alright

In this design we’ve kept things open. You can keep colour and material selection classic or add more character by mixing tones, materials and textures depending on your own style. Vertical louvres were added for privacy but can be removed for a simpler profile.

For the living spaces of the home, we started with a square and then added the four key elements to naturally provide connectivity. We kept the study simple to work from home or possibly run your own home office without having to enter the main home.

What’s also exciting about this configuration is the endless options when designing the alfresco and backyard area with respective landscaping.

This house is all about being together and apart (when needed) at the same time. A place for everyone where life is def alright.

Design suggestions

  • Add sliding doors off the Boudoir to create a small courtyard garden area giving the area a holiday vibe. Just don’t tell the kids where you are.
  • Upstairs the walk-in linen could be turned into a kitchenette to make it feel apartment like and providing a sense of independence for older kids

From $517,454*

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