Texas Governor Mansion

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Howdy partners. Step right inside the Texas Governor Mansion and guaranteed you’ll feel right at home. The name comes from a best tasting cookie contest resulting in Laura Bush’s Texas Governor Mansion Cowboy Cookies becoming famous.

Our Texas Governor Mansion design is not made of cookies, but sure is inspired by the warm feeling you get from them. The homely vibe is impossible to ignore in this easy flowing design connecting the kitchen, dining, and family areas.

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Texas Governor Mansion

Texas Governor Mansion

The entry and hallway create a ‘two winged’ home with space for the wiser generation on one side, and the younger outlaws on the other, including an activity space. But you can holler and still be heard!

Head on down your hallway and bang, there’s a space as wide as your block. Welcome to your backyard alfresco, connecting the outside to your inside. So fire up that grill cause we’re just gettin’ started.

The elevation has a proud Texan influence with the desert garden out front, cacti standing proudly (but you can landscape it anyway you want! This is still a democracy ain’t it!).

The overall design is integrated with neutral tones and gives the home a relaxed and comfortable feel. Whether it’s fresh baked cookies, a big Texas family gathering – it’s that feeling like every day is a “Yee-haw” kinda moment.

Design suggestions

  • Add louvred windows in The Oasis in lieu of sliding doors for great ventilation. Well hello fresh air.
  • Excuse me, Privacy please. Add a barn sliding door or internal cavity slider to the ensuite for added privacy and room separation.
  • Food is up! Extend the scullery and hotplate area to add kitchen cupboard and bench space, while creating a servery to the alfresco area.

From $469,452*

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Homely as freshly baked cookies

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