Forget predictable standard-issue floor plans and think thought provoking designs that put the focus on lifestyle and living with purpose. Launched in 2003 and backed by the JWH Group, Residential Attitudes have defined a new attitude to building; an alternative expression in housing; homes for today’s housing consumer.

We don’t conform to what everybody else is building and we don’t expect you to either. Take a look around and all you can see are the same old homes that imitate standard, generic design principles. Is there a stock fit for everyone? No there isn’t. We appreciate that not everyone’s lifestyle is the same. That’s why we will design and build you a home that suits your personal needs.

Every room should have a purpose and reflect the person’s lifestyle. You no longer have to have a standard issue bathroom, but a retreat where you can bathe, relax and look out your window toward a fernery. Why not reduce the number of rooms in a home and give people the ability to add in special additions such as sunken conversation pits. Define your space and live with attitude.

We believe in floor plans that are built for living, not existing. Our homes challenge the norm. We encourage bold, stimulating designs that focus on good times and the pleasure of living. It’s this attitude that has attracted many people wanting to design and build a home that will enhance their lifestyle.

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