#38: Seeing is believing

Can’t possibly imagine what sort of house you could squeeze onto a 7.5m-wide block? #38 demonstrates that magic can happen on a super-skinny block. Brook Leber, our design head honcho, is pretty confident this house will change any pre-conceived ideas you might have about narrow-lot designs.

“It might be hard to believe on such a slender site, but we’ve created a light-filled, three-bedroom, three-bathroom home with a spacious kitchen and living area, a scullery, a study/sitting room/fourth bedroom and superb outdoor spaces, You can bet your bottom dollar that skinny-lot designs are set to become more and more important in Perth’s inner-city suburbs,” Brook says.

“Conventional side-by-side subdivisions used to typically create two 10m-wide lots, which we used to think of as ‘narrow’. But with local shires increasingly facing neighbourhood resistance to apartment buildings, more modest-sized blocks are now being rezoned to help meet requirements for higher housing densities. The long and the short of it is that subdivided blocks are becoming skinnier.

“Ask us if we think there’ll be a continued rise in the number of narrow lots coming to the market? Most definitely! Expect to hear ‘narrow’ being defined as anything between 6m and 9m wide,” Brook says.

Here’s the skinny on #38

#38 is a super-cool home designed for clients who wanted to build on one half of a block they had subdivided with other family members.

Their half of the deal lent itself to a contemporary design with a nod to the industrial style and a charming elevation that gives little hint of the big, open spaces waiting to be discovered within.

The clients kindly let us open their home to the public for a limited period of time so that others could see what is possible on a narrow block. The home received an amazing amount of interest and positive feedback.

“Narrow blocks can seem daunting, but they don’t need to be. More and more people are considering a move into the lively inner-city areas and need reassurance that they can still get a stylish, light-filled home that gives them everything they need, even if they are buying a skinny block.” Brook says.

We’ll tell it like it is

Got your eye on a slice of the inner-city action?

Residential Attitudes offers an obligation-free design consultation if you’ve spotted a subdivided site you like, or simply want to know what your options could be.

Also watch out for our collection of narrow-lot designs from $412,000. We’re proving you don’t need a huge building budget to create an inner-city pad that feels light and bright, is easy to live in and really works. Like, really works.

“#38 is a prime example,” Brook says. “It challenges any thoughts you might have about narrow-lot designs being akin to ‘a bowling alley’, or dark with lots of wasted space. This home is light, airy and roomy, with a great connection to the outdoors and inviting spaces that you’d enjoy using every day.”

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