We look around and all we can see is the same old same old. Homes that conform to design principles with little idea or question as to why they are there. Four bedrooms. Tick. Two bathrooms. Tick. Free form living. Tick. Home theatre. Tick. Is this how people are living? Is this what they need?

So we decided to take a different attitude to design. We reduced the number of rooms in a home giving people the ability to add in how many they needed. Not how many real estate agents told them to have. We redefined our spaces so they were no longer the standard issue bathroom, but a retreat where you could bathe and look out your window toward a fernery and relax after a long day.

Every room would have a purpose and reflect the person’s lifestyle. You could still have a home theatre but it would be a well appointed home theatre that really felt like the cinema. This has led us to incorporating rooms into our designs that we believe may be of interest to people such as the sunken conversation a pit. A place where you could relax and curl up with a good book, or a space to entertain friends that revolves purely around being social and conducive to interaction. You’ll see some of our designs feature a rooftop terrace, the perfect addition to capitalise on our Mediterranean climate and for those who’s homes have the benefit of inland, coastal or city views that they wish to take advantage of. The terrace could be a space for entertaining, for relaxing, for exercising or perhaps your own market garden. It’s your space. Define it.

It’s this design ethos that has attracted many people wanting to design and build a home that will enhance their lifestyle.

In short, we have defined a new residential attitude; an alternative expression in housing; homes for today’s housing consumer.