Our manifesto

Live with attitude

Welcome to Residential Attitudes.

Like the bowerbird of the building industry, we’re collecting and curating concepts, designs and shiny objects that don’t just make for a sturdy nest, but one with abundant style.

Our ambition is to create differently, craft well and produce a portfolio unlike any other.

The range of designs in our book are like the gallery wall of a home; stylish, well-curated and something we’re proud to show off.

We let our heart, and art, speak for itself; building ideas, then houses.

We’re allergic to boring.

We are the antithesis of cookie cutter. Lifestyles come in all shapes and sizes. Which means, so do our homes.

Our architecturally inspired designs break the mould. We’re not twiddling our thumbs in the middling ground.

Instead, we’re rule breakers. Movers and shakers. Pioneers of the Perth housing frontier. Wallflowers need not apply. You could call us connoisseurs of creativity and savants of style. You would definitely not call us conventional.

We like to think outside the 4 x 2 box, because our clients don’t want to build a typical home.

And neither do we.